I know he will have problems like all young people. But I know he has a father who has learned that, when you have a son, the least important thing is that he finishes college. The most important thing is that, when he has a fever, you are there to take him to the doctor; when he suffers from a broken heart, you are there to give him your support. And when you are not there anymore, you have left him an inheritance—an education—that will give him opportunities. I think being a parent is the most dangerous and, at the same time, the most wonderful thing.

The poorer and the most powerful in this world, the youngest and the oldest, we all need to be loved. We are more alike than we think. Love makes you suffer, but it always gives you a result more valuable than the suffering. It’s like having surgery: you endure pain to be well. Sometimes you have to suffer to be able to experience joy. You have to value love with all its pain and suffering. Because love is all that matters.


Joseph Gicheru Chege

StruggleI remember seeing soldiers coming home after the war in 1945 when I was a young boy. We were scared. We were told that Hitler and the French and British would be coming to Nairobi to have some tea and that we should put out our lamps. The French ended up settling in Isiolo, the…


Angela Martínez Morales

DeathIn my 72 years, I’ve learned to live a life of tranquility and love. God has given me plenty of life. He has given me life to do something for others, to serve in all that I can, because God gives us all gifts that we discover through understanding and discernment. Yes, serving others is…


Klaartje Merrigan

LoveI had been without a partner for three years and saw many of my peers getting married, having children, and settling down. I was scared and felt like I was running out of time. I confided my fears to my grandmother on one of the many Sunday afternoons I spent with her. When I told…


Guri Rygg

DeathI was 10 or 11, and I thought Grandma was ancient. (She was probably about 60 at the time!) I thought it was time to ask whether she was afraid of death, since she was so old. Grandma looked at me and laughed a little to herself. She sat and thought. Then she asked, ‘Have…


Margaret O’Reilly

HopeAs a young child, Margaret O’Reilly learned a hard lesson about the importance of always telling the truth and sticking to it. In this video she shares the most important thing she’d like young people to know. [Margaret O’Reilly] And the thing that I would pass on to the children now is don’t ever tell…


Robert Hamilton

StruggleTimes of struggle challenge us to be honest with ourselves. They help us recognize when we are trying to rationalize something we want or want to avoid instead of concentrating on what is the right or just thing to do. The hardest lesson can be overcoming fear—fear of failure, fear of personal loss, fear of…