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A circle of women

A circle of womenShared by: Cathy B. I am so lucky to have had a number of elders who have been so inspirational that I can only hope to count myself among them someday. Aunt Florence: Who took me in every summer, starting from when she was in her 70s, up until she died when she was 92. My image of her: supremely classy in her pearls and earrings, dressing to the nines every day, knitting, laughing, breakfasts on Victorian china, afternoons on her porch overlooking the Sound. She represented stability, beauty, graciousness.


Life Isn’t About Perfect Birthday Cakes 2

Life Isn’t About Perfect Birthday CakesShared by: Liz E.There is a memory that I have with my grandma from when I was about 7 years old that will always stick with me. I learned from her that sometimes things that might seem like a failure at the time can end up being a great memory if you choose to make the best of the situation.


Generosity of Spirit is More Impactful than Generosity of Material Things

Generosity of Spirit is More Impactful than Generosity of Material Things Shared by: Cara Witnessing my Great Uncle’s generous spirit throughout his life has made a lasting impact in my own life and has instilled in me an inherent value of generosity that I hope to pass along to my own children one day.