I think my faith grew the most when I left home and came to Boston. I knew nobody. I wasn’t going to church at the time. If somebody wanted to hire me to play the piano at a church, I’d go, but I was looking for money. Don’t play with my money! But they told me I had a gift, and a gift comes from God. People would say, ‘Earl, come on up and play this song!’ I’d look around, and people who had all sorts of degrees would be there. I’d say to myself, Why are they asking me to play? I ended up playing for three churches. As I grew, I found that I enjoyed it. I saw that people appreciated the gift I had, and then I really started appreciating it. So I said, I’m gonna do the best with whatever I got. And that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been at this church for 40 years. We’ve had more than 10 musicians, but I’m still there.


Maria Gabriella Perin

I often recall the sacrifices and trials I endured to raise my son. Would I say I have regret? I really cannot because this is how it happened.


Earl Frost

Earl Frost discovered his talent for music thanks to the support that others showed in him. In this audio clip, he shares what he has learned about faith.


Tom McGrath

Clearly my father understood his situation: he was dying and there was more pain to come. And yet here he was saying, as if he was letting us in on a secret, ‘All in all, we’re in pretty good shape.’ Was this just the medicine talking? The truth is that I had heard those words…


Joe Schneider

I was a bomber pilot in World War II. We were the bombers who were knocking out hundreds of bridges in Italy. We became known as the ‘Bridge Busters’. We had to fly straight and level, otherwise we would never hit a 100-foot bridge. It was very touch-and-go. And we lost an awful lot of…


Tony and Grace Naudi

[Grace] You want to get on in the world, you want to be a success, and you think that’s really important. But in the end, that’s not what’s most important. The important thing is to find yourself, to know yourself, and to be grateful for what you have. You tend to exclude the frivolous things…


Razanamialy Simone

[W]ith the grace of God I changed. I continue to work as a laundrywoman and now have some savings. My community does not see me as a parasite anymore. I have a good relationship with my daughters. They give me pocket money that I use to buy yogurt. I even managed to improve my house;…