Before I started making pottery, I had the idea that you had to make a perfect pot. Over time I have come to realize there is no such thing as a perfect pot. There is a relationship between the potter and the clay, and the clay has a mind of its own. You can shape it and bend it to a certain extent. But if you try to mold the clay in a way it doesn’t want to go, it will end up in your lap. [laughs] Pottery is a good teacher. It teaches you patience and how to get centered and not think about anything but doing pottery. If you start thinking about something else, you’ll end up with the clay flying across the room. It just keeps me in the moment. It took me years and years to learn that you don’t try to create a certain number of pots in a given period of time. You just have to concentrate on what you’re doing right now and hope that you get something that somebody will like. A lot of times I will work on a pot that I don’t think is all that good, but then somebody comes by the table and really enjoys it and pays money for it. Evidently, somebody liked it. [smiles]


Bernarda de Jesus Zapata de Pardo & Ramón Antonio Pardo García

We have been married for 60 years. Love hasn’t changed throughout the years. Our love is the same. We respect each other. Never fight. We don’t call each other names. We pray the rosary together. We love each other like we are told at church: until God sets us apart. We have been poor, but…


Leah Chase

Leah Chase, the famed New Orleans chef and inspiration for a classic children’s animated movie, has fed musicians, Presidents, and countless visitors in her restaurant Dooky Chase’s. In this audio clip, she discusses the challenge and the need to keep living our lives after the death of a loved one.


Martin Scorsese

What can you learn from failure, which is finally just as fleeting? I think I’ve learned more from failure, rejection, and outright hostility than I have from success. Actually, what I learned from failure prepared me to learn from success.


Cedric Prakash, SJ

The other day I was writing a document. Somebody was standing by my side and spilled his whole cup of coffee on it. I had done a lot of work. I had made all my markings. And it was all blotched. At first, I did not know how to react. But now he will never…


Cassuis Paxton

In 1981, Cassuis Paxton moved with his family to the San Gabriel Valley. In this video he describes some simple actions we can all take to begin to overcome bias.


Maria Gabriella Perin

I often recall the sacrifices and trials I endured to raise my son. Would I say I have regret? I really cannot because this is how it happened.